Thursday, April 7, 2011

First Day of the School Year!!!

About a week and a half ago we started the new school year here!! The school schedule here is totally different from the school schedule in the US! The school year starts in April and then they let out for summer break in May & June and start back up in July.

Anyway, Aashini started Nursery this year!! She is at the same school she was before, just a different branch. This year for Nursery, she has a school uniform - so cute :) Diya wanted in on the "first day of school pictures" :) (I love how she's trying to pose like Aashini in this picture) :)
I think Aashini looks so big in this picture!!!
My girls!! :)
This is Aashini's new school! The picture isn't great (taken from a moving car) but you can see her school! She calls it her Princess Castle School :) It's right next to the metro (you can sort of see it in the top left corner of the picture). It's SUPER close to our house - we can walk to it!!!
Her school has a fun playground and a roller skating rink :)
The first day of school was only for the new kids. Diya got to come too :) They have a basement room that is HUGE and has a big indoor play area (they have an outdoor one too), ball pit, play houses, puzzles, games, etc! Diya had fun :)
The parents were supposed stay with the kids for the first day of school (it was a mini-day of school). Here's their lunch time (the 10:30 lunch time :)). They just had a simple meal this day (pakoras).
Here's the fun ball pit!!! It has a cool slide into it :)
Aashini love it :) It's such a fun new school! She's so big!!!!
Whoo hoo!!!


Anthony & Sharon said...

LOVE this! She DOES look big! And that school is like a mini-Disney World. She'll be disappointed when she visits Cinderella's castle and realizes it doesn't have a ball pit. ;) That last picture??? IT ROCKS!!!!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

hahaha! :)