Monday, March 28, 2011

End of the School Year!

The school year has ended here. Monday starts a whole new school year (we're on a different schedule here than America :)). Aashini has just "graduated" from Pre-Nursery and will start Nursery next week! Here's her Pre-Nursery class :)
The school's website has some pictures from the school year - here's a few of them :) I love this picture below :)
This is a picture from Independence Day. On the right is Aman. At the beginning of the year Aashini always complained about him, he was a bit of a bully and was always picking on her. By the end of the year they were super good friends! They loved playing together! It's pretty funny :)
This is a picture is from a water day they had. They have a kiddie pool at the school and all the kids were playing in it :) I love this pic :)
Aashini playing in the ball pit :)
Aashini with her teacher Jaspreet. She LOVES her and really misses her! Jaspreet misses her too - she's already called Aashini to say hey - cute :)
Aashini at the Fancy Dress Speaking Competition.
It has been a fun school year!! We'll see what next year has to hold!!! It should be fun :) Her new school looks like a big castle!! Awesome! :)

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Anthony & Sharon said...

Too cute!!! The independence day ones rock! Isaac will have to leave his school as the first semester ends :( We are sad... we LOVE his school and so does he!! I hope they'll be taking the class pictures before he leaves. We are really hoping to find another good one when we move...sooo glad you found another school! Can't wait to see the castle!