Monday, April 18, 2011

A Diya Post :)

Diya is a funny crazy kid! She's grown so much in the last month it's crazy!! She has 4 teeth on the bottom (two front middle teeth and 2 molars!) and 6 on the top (4 front middle and 2 molars) and has one coming in right now :)

We were at McDonald's the other day and this family was playing with Diya. She wouldn't let them give her any fries though - she kept making this face :) haha!
Diya LOVES ice cream :)
Diya is really great at eating with a spoon now. She LOVES eating with a spoon! She likes to eat cereal in the morning and just about anything we give her she will eat if it's in a bowl with a spoon :) haha! Here she is eating some chili :)
Diya LOVES crayons! Her attention span with coloring isn't very long, but she loves to color a little here and there and LOVES to carry crayons around (which we don't let her do because then she marks on everything!). It's hard to keep the crayons away from her!
Diya is a sweet funny little girl :)


Anthony & Sharon said...

She is too cute! We don't let Isaiah carry crayons around bc he eats them. Do I see a pretty purple wall in the background of one of the pics? New house pics coming soon right?!?!

Carrie said...

She's a cutie! So did she color that picture that is in front of her? If so, she's a pretty good "colorer" as well!!!