Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Catching Up - Aashini :)

I know I've been horribly behind on blogging... time has been quite limited lately :) Anyway, here is a blog post of some Aashini pictures over the last month :) Aashini loves the Backyardigans. They have one show where they are cowboys and Aashini loves it! There was some guy selling cowboy hats on the street the other day (at the traffic light) so we had to get one for her... she LOVED it! Here she is with her hat and stick horse :)
Here she is with her hat and lasso (jump rope) :)
Aashini loves the metro. This is an old picture (about a month old - Aashini has grown TONS since then!).
Here's a more recent pic on the metro (and yes, Aashini has a "princess wand" in her hand :) haha!)
Aashini likes to pose for pictures (sometimes) now :) haha! Awesome ;)
This picture cracks me up :) Aashini got a HUGE sticker this morning and it covered her whole hand :)
Here's Aashini at a play place. She loves the princess castle - it's her favorite one to play in :)
Aashini loves dress-up :)
This picture cracks me up :) Love it! :)


Emily said...

She's grown a ton since I've seen her?? I love these pics...she's so pretty!!

Jeni said...

She looks like such a fun girl!