Friday, April 22, 2011

Pool Time!!

Last weekend we pulled out the kiddie pool! The kiddos had a lot of fun!! (and I think it's time to pull out our bigger pool! :) haha!)
I couldn't find Diya's swimsuit, so this one is a little small :) (I've found it since then) :) Diya LOVED the pool! She would have played all day!!!
Aashini lost interest in the pool after a while... but Diya kept on playing :) (although Aashini did have fun for a long time squirting her water gun from the balcony :) haha! They had fun :)


Anthony & Sharon said...

Fun! We are waiting til we move to a more permanent house to get a "nice" pool like that one:) Right now the boys are content with playing on the porch in a large bucket...sometimes Mama needs to wade a bit though on the really hot days! Diya is too cute!

Emily said...

Your new balcony looks bigger than the other one! I think your girls swim more than mine, and we have a yard! :)