Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day!

This year for Valentine's Day we had some extermination done on our house - yay! haha! We have a serious termite problem! Anyway, after that we needed to get out of the house, so we headed to a fun park called the Garden of Five Senses. We've been here MANY times but have never seen it all -it's huge! Anyway, usually on Valentine's Day they have a camel there, so we thought it would be fun to let the girls ride. Aashini was a little scared at first but she had a great time!
Diya LOVED it! She laughed and clapped the whole time!
Valentine's Day is an interesting holiday here. Relationships outside of marriage are taboo, so if anyone dates then they do it secretly. Usually on Valentine's day all of the parks are filled with couples paired off hiding everywhere. This park actually had a "make-out" police. A park guard was walking around with a whistle blowing it at couples - hilarious! (to see a previous Valentine's Day post, click here)
Aashini had a blast at the park climbing on everything! This picture is totally overexposed but Ithought she was cute :)
There were also other fun things to climb on :)
...and other fun things!
They had a super small playground that had a hamster wheel and a slide. The hamster wheel was tied up so that it wouldn't move because it had holes in it and was dangerous... but that didn't keep Aashini from trying :)
The slide was funny - it was a conveyor belt! It was fun :)
Diya liked it too :) It was a fun day :) After this we at South Asian food at the park and the girls napped in the car while we went to the mall. They played at the mall and we ate there and went home to our fume-y house :( The girls slept in a non fumey room and we all went to sleep :) Anyone have any tips on getting rid of fumes?
Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day!


Emily said...

That picture of all the couples is hilarious! I still remember that one couple at Hauz Khas when we were taking pictures. :)
We had the termites sprayed at our flat there...I think the fume-y smell was gone after about a day, especially with lots of open windows and doors.

Erin G said...

policeman blowing a whitsle at you for making out in a park? HOTT. Make-out police kind of remind me of lock-in advisors from my youth group days. Just sayin'.

LOVE their hug and kiss shirts!! :)

My Ragamuffin Family said...

I haven't seen your blog in a while....I love it as always! The girls are sooo big! And so stinkin' cute!