Saturday, February 26, 2011

Having Fun!

After a morning full of doing stuff, we took the kids to a garden to run around. They had a great time :) Aashini is cracking me up in these pictures running around with the chip bag! haha!
We stopped to feed the ducks :) Don't fall in Adam!!

Here are the girls running at me to get more chips to feed the ducks ;)
Feeding chips to the ducks... they don't really like chips :)
These circle steps were awesome :)
haha! This picture (bad photography and all) cracks me up!
Diya did NOT want to be carried anywhere. She wanted to walk by herself Everywhere! She LOVES walking now!
Here are the girls :)


Emily said...

I love the pics you got, especially the one of the girls running to you, and the one of them on the circle stepstones.

Anthony & Sharon said...

So fun! Wish we could be there and add some little boys to these pictures! Fun fun fun!

Erin G said...

1.) Good grief you and Emily make some CURLY HAIRED DAUGHTERS!!! :)

2.) That picture of Adam holding Diya (is it Diya? So many baby girls! And I can't zoom that one in very far) is scaring the pants off me all the way from north carolina.

3.) Emily did you just post that blog comment on Andrea's blog while sitting in Andrea's living room? Yeeeeeah I'm pretty sure you did. :)

SouthAsiaRolls said...

The water was only about a foot deep. I was more worried about the toxic "duck-poo" nature of the water.