Monday, February 14, 2011

Diya Fun :)

Here's a post all about Diya :) We have a newish mall in our city that has an awesome (and FREE!) play area! The girls are a little young for it, but they had a great time at it :)
Diya made a little buddy while she was there :)
Diya got to meet Shrek the other day - she was a little scared of him (but less than Aashini who wouldn't get closer than 5 feet away ;) haha!)
Poor Diya still only has 2 teeth but she eats everything! haha!
:) Diya is walking everywhere now! She walked steps here and there for a long time but then one day a couple of weeks ago she just decided she wanted to walk everywhere and that's what she did :)
Diya has just enough hair that I can put up a little water spout - haha! It's fun to be about to do something with her hair :)
Diya doesn't get juice very often, but she LOVES it when she gets it and sucks the box dry! (Mango juice is the favorite of both my girls) :)
This picture isn't great photography but it really makes me smile, so I thought I'd leave you with this picture :)


Emily said...

I love how her eyes squint when she smiles! She is precious, and I can't wait to meet her. :)

Brandy said...

Love the pictures--even the "bad one." I'm pretty sure all my pictures are bad and very lacking in the good photography department. ;) Thanks for still enjoying my blog. ;)

Anthony & Sharon said...

She is so cute! 2 teeth huh? Isaiah had ALL of his teeth...molars, canines, the whole bit by 16 months! Though my dentist friend has told me that children with fair skin and light eyes tend to get teeth the slowest, lose them latest in early childhood, but have some of the best "healthy" teeth of anyone... so there's good news!! She's cute no matter! Yay for Diya!