Monday, February 7, 2011

School Fashion Show

Aashini had a school fashion school this weekend. It was awesome! We weren't sure what to think when this whole thing started. Her school is awesome and they are always doing some kind of public speaking contest but this one was a fashion show too. We weren't sure what to expect! (There's a video at the bottom of this post in case you want to go ahead and let it load :))

We weren't sure how to dress her. The teachers and principal showed us a video of the past winners and showed their outfits and things like that. The kids were super decked out! They had all kinds of flashy crazy clothes or fancy clothes. The teachers told us to make sure Aashini's hair was done up special and that we should buy a hair piece or a wig. So, as a good South Asian parent I found a shop that had hair pieces and I bought one (I even found one in her color!)... She looked very 80s and quite funny...
Anyway, I couldn't handle the fake hair :) so here is what Aashini looked like :) (her hair was super cute but it's hard to tell at this angle :)
The Fashion Show was awesome! The kids had to walk out and "do the model walk" and then walk to the microphone and talk about something and then "do the model walk" again. This was the first kid - he was hilarious!!!! When he walked up to the microphone he made this face (below) and just stood there like that for what seemed like forever! It was hilarious!
The kids spoke on some funny things! Some of the topics were Alcohol, Government Corruption, Global Warming, Female Feoticide, etc...
This kid was awesome - see the Nike swoosh necklace? haha!
This kid's outfit cracked me up! He had real leaves on!
After the boys went, then the girls went. This is Rhea (below), she's Aashini's best buddy at school. She talked about Government Corruption.
This is Aashini's little friend Pavani. She was dressed so cute!
Aashini was next! She was so excited!! She sort-of did her little walk and walked up to the microphone :) She was loving it!!!
When she first got up to the mic she just kept posing. We weren't sure what was going to happen :)
Her teacher took the mic off so that she could hold it herself and that seemed to be what made her comfortable - haha!
... and another picture :)
...and another one :)
She was so cute when she walked off. She kinda did a little strut :) I thought it was cute :) I like how you can see her friends Naviya & Rhea in the background :)
I posted a lot of pictures :) haha! Here's another one :)
This little girl was so cute!!
This was almost all of the little girls that participated :)
This is the little girl that won! She was hilarious!
They gave the kids gifts when they were done. The kids were all so excited with their gifts! (They were all a little less excited when they opened them I'm sure... it was a set of coffee mugs...)
Aashini with her gift - her face here cracked me up :)
I love nose picking pictures... this isn't a nose-pick, but it's pretty close :) haha!
This girl had the biggest wig... it was quite big!
This is Aashini with her friend Naviya. Naviya and Aashini were born on the same day at the same hospital! In a city of millions it's pretty crazy that they ended up in the same class at the same school!!
We celebrated afterwards by letting Aashini strut her stuff at the mall and getting ice cream cones :) Fun!
And.... a VIDEO!!! Our video camera half-way died right before Aashini went on (so the image stabilizer isn't working - so it's a little rocky!) and totally died just a little bit after she went. Crazy :) Anyway, here's the video. Aashini's is first, and then I put a few clips of the other kids on it too :) Enjoy! (if you can't see it then just click here - )


Leslie DeJ said...

How fun! I would love to hear more about Government Corruption from a 3 year old. I think the public speaking idea is great, though. Loved the dress!

Life in Green-Land said...

I agree with Leslie. I would also love to hear these little ones talk about such grown up issues. Love the pictures and the outfit! Stories about Aashini's school are great!

Kelley C said...

That is over the top. What in the world???? A looks adorable with and without the hair piece. WOW.

Anthony & Sharon said...

Too fun! I think all their little outfits are awesome! Yay for Aashini, and how fun her friend was born on the same day in the same hospital?! FUN!

Brandy said...

That post just makes me hard! Awesome!

Emily said...

I love the idea that her school teaches so many cool things! She is so poised at only 3 years old!! But the strutting and smiles and giggles were the best. :)

a la carte/a little water said...

Again, I'm so impressed! And way to go with your south asian mothering skills. you went the distance with that hair piece. wow!

oh, and coffee mugs, what a LETDOWN for 3 yr. olds. wah,wah, whaaaa.

Christine said...

I love her faces. Love love love them. This is hysterical

Jeni said...

This is such a fun post!! I loved it!