Friday, February 25, 2011

Buddies :)

We have some fun friends in town right now! My friend Emily who used to live here in the Capital and her kids and one of their youth Kiley is here. I used to post a lot of pictures with Aashini and her little buddy Hazel. They were born just a few days apart. The last time the kiddos were together, they were little.... They looked like this:
You can see more pictures of their last time together here. Anyway, they are here! They're so big now (AND they have little sisters!) I love Diya's smile in this picture :)
Adam made the girls laugh in this pictures :) haha!
We told them to make funny faces :) The little ones didn't get it :) haha!
We're all having a lot of fun!!

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Kelley C said...

Cute cute pictures. It looks like you gals are having fun!