Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A REAL Silver Medalist!

This post is a little late in posting!! When we were at the Commonwealth Games (diving), we got to see a real medal from the games! One of the divers that was there diving (from Australia I think) had won a sliver medal the day before. He didn't want to leave it in his room, so he gave it to his parents to hold while he was diving. They were really cool and letting people see it and take pictures of it. They even offered Aashini a chance to wear it :) She was scared to do it at first, but loved wearing it!!!
Here's a close-up of the medal:
She thought it was awesome :)
....Then, two weeks later she won her very own silver medal (in the transportation race - see here for the post about that)... She was so proud of herself!
Here's her medal :)
Very fun :)

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Emily said...

All the cool things Aashini has experienced and seen! I wonder if she'll become the much googled "Silver Medalist Kid" like she was the Heisman Baby? ;)