Thursday, January 13, 2011

Gulfi Fun :)

Here's a few more kiddo pictures from the Gulf :) When we got to the airport here in the Capital we ran into some friends and their kids. Aashini had fun playing and eating with them before we headed out :) It was fun :)
The girls LOVED having a bathtub while we were in the Gulf! We bought some bubbles and used them just about every day :) I thought this picture was funny :)
One night while we were there at our friend's house, Diya fell asleep and Aashini thought it would be funny to stack cushions all over here... she was proud of herself - haha!
This is Megan. Aashini loved her! She copied things that she was doing. Megan was sitting on the counter with a book so Aashini wanted to sit on the counter too with a book. She kept copying Megan's movements and stuff - totally cute :)
Here's Diya eating an onion - she LOVES onions! - That's my girl!
Here's Aashini at a cool museum that we went to :)
Here's Aashini being goofy! She's hilarious!
They had fun!


Anthony & Sharon said...

Fun! Yay for bubble baths and stacking cushions on little sisters!

Carrie said...

Looks like they had fun! Love the pictures!

Emily said...

As always, your pictures are awesome. I can't believe Diya eats raw onions though!