Monday, January 17, 2011

Diya's First Beach Trip!

Diya went to the beach for the first time while we were in the Gulf :) The beach had a playground on it! Brilliant!
Diya & Aashini had a blast hanging out on the playground.
Diya loved playing in the sand :)
Here's our feet!
Here's Diya putting her feet in the water for the first time! Her first time at the beach was in the Gulf of Arabia (or Persian Gulf as Americans call it) :) Aashini's first time at the beach was at this exact same beach too! Fun hunh? (If you want to read about Aashini's first beach trip click here)
Diya loved it!
It was a little chilly so we weren't planning on letting them play in the water any, but they really wanted to... so we let them :)
Adam and his girls at the beach :)
Diya played like crazy in the sand.
After a few minutes of crawling in the sand I think her knees hurt, so the rest of the time she was "bear crawling" all through the sand. It was hilarious!
Aashini had a lot of fun too. She made a sand castle and thought it was awesome :)
Here they are on the beach - you can see Diya doing her funny crawl :)
Everyone had a great time :) We played until it was too cold to play :)
We got the girls all cleaned up and warm again. Aashini thought it was awesome :)
... then she played a little more :) It was a fun day :)


Christine said...

oh goodness I can't wait to meet that sweet little girl!!

Emily said...

So glad Diya's first beach trip was much better accepted than Annabel's! haha I love all those pictures!!

Carrie said...

What a great day out! Looks like "D" enjoyed her first trip more than "A" enjoyed her first trip! :-)