Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sliding at the Beach!

Whoever thought of putting a playground on the beach was a genius! What a great idea! My girls LOVE slides!! Diya has recently fallen in loves with slides. The minute she gets off she wants to get back on! Anyway, Aashini had a great time with the slides at the beach :)
We thought it would be fun to let the girls slide down together but Aashini didn't get it. She set up at the top with Diya and we kept telling her to slide down with her but it just wasn't computing :)
.... so she just pushed her down the slide first - haha! Diya had fun :)
Slides are very fun :) haha!


Erin G said...

Ok the bottom picture of Aashini pushing Diya down the slide just made me burst out laughing. :)

Carrie said...

That last picture had me cracking up as well! Diya looks so scared! Poor thing!

Emily said...

haha! You caught that perfectly!!