Friday, March 14, 2008

First Trip to the Beach!

Today was a first for Aashini! Today was her ver first time at the beach!! Today we went to the Gulf of Arabia (or Persian Gulf as we say in America). It's so cool to me that the Gulf of Arabia is the very first ocean that Aashini ever saw or touched! How fun :)
We wern't sure how she was going to like it, but she LOVED it! We were in the middle of a dust storm, so it was super windy and a little chilly. She really loved the wind in her face - it was funny how much she loved it! We stuck her feet in the water and it was a little cold but she really loved it!! It was funny!
Here she is touching the water :)
She made that face (in the pic below) the entire time. It was funny :)
Here's a pic of Carie & I... we couldn't keep our head coverings on with all the wind - it was pretty funny :)
There were lots of people there at the beach grilling out :) It smelled so good!
It's crazy how windy and dusty it was in the dust storm... You can see in the picture below the brown haze we were in - it was cool :)


Laura said...

Aashini's so cute and getting big! She's really "looking so healthy" (just imagine that in Indian accent :) these days.

Kelley said...

How fun to go to the ocean for the first time!!!

E-Rob said...

That is really cool that her first beach was something so exotic! What a cool kid. The little beach lover has definitely got some Floridian blood in her. :)

Heather Henderson said...

Woo hoo! She is so cute putting her little toes into the water. She's gonna love swimming!

Jeremy's fam said...

how fun! was it hard going to the beach being covered from head to toe? although, now that i think about it... that would be so awesome to not have to worry about bathing suits! i love the pictures!

Misty Burns said...

You guys get to experience some cool stuff. Watching the locals grill out on the beach is hilarious! Not in a bad way..just different. How cool!!!