Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Retreat!! - Thanksgiving with the Kiddos :)

The Girls had a fun Thanksgiving too :) Here's Diya eating some Thanksgiving Chinese food :) haha!
Aashini had fun catching butterflies on Thanksgiving. There were TONS of beautiful butterflies at the resort! Aashini tried catching them all week and then caught one on Thanksgiving! :) She was so proud.
Aashini's buddy Sharad helped her catch the butterflies. She loved hanging out with him.
Here she is looking for butterflies :)
... And she's off!!!
Diya had more fun swinging in the hammock!
... and Aashini had more fun swinging with her buddies in the hammock :)

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Emily said...

Wow Grace and Faith are so big!! And I love that y'all at Chinese for Thanksgiving. :) Congratulations - you have graduated to fully Asian. :)