Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day!

We had a great Christmas :) The girls had a lot of fun with food and friends :)
Diya was only a month old last Christmas so this one really felt more like her first Christmas :) She had a lot of fun :)
Aashini really had fun :) She was cute :)
She got a fun new soft elephant :)
Diya was mesmerized by her glow worm.
Aashini had fun playing :)
Diya hugging her glow worm :) I love those things (they came in handy tonight when the power was out and our inverter - battery back-up - stopped working :))
Diya was exhausted and took a long morning nap :)
Aashini had a yearbook photo shoot on Christmas morning, so it worked out that we could go over there before we did other things. Here's Diya with Aashini's main teacher - Jaspreet.
For the photo shoot they did the whole family, the girls with me, the girls with Adam and just the girls... it was pretty funny :)
They were cute :)
More pics on the other blog :) Check it out!
We're leaving tomorrow for the Middle East for a couple of weeks. I still have some Christmas posts, but they'll have to wait a few weeks... see you in the Gulf!

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