Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Random Post & Videos :)

Here are a few random pictures... some good, some not-so-good :) Here's Aashini dancing in her birthday tap shoes :)
Here's a video of Aashini. She has a funny thing she likes to do... she likes to look sad and when you ask her what's wrong she'll give a big smile... so that's what's going on at the beginning of the video... then she does a Hindi poem, then she talks a little bit. At school if they are studying something, they usually write it on the kid's hands (I know... nice :))... so on this day it's special shapes... Cone & Rhombus - made me laugh :) Anyway, enjoy... if you can't see it, then you can go here to see it.

Here's Diya with one of her new birthday toys :)
This is what Diya looks like when she's super excited and trying to talk :)
Here's a video of Diya playing Peekaboo :) I love her giggles :) If you can't see it then click here to see it.

I got some boots for Aashini from another mother who's kid outgrew them. Aashini wore them for the first time the other day and she thought she was awesome :)
Here's Aashini at church with two of her little buddies :)
Here's Aashini at school (after school) with her super hyper friend Alina. I've never seen a kid with as much energy as she has! I'm trying to get it on video - one day I'll get it :)
At the end of a long day - the girls were exhausted!


Kelley said...

Aw I loved the videos of your girls. They are precious!

Emily said...

I love those videos! Aashini is the cutest little talker. And I agree with her - those boots are awesome!

Anonymous said...

I love the videos! Such sweet and cute girls!! And the boots are way awesome!!

a la carte/a little water said...

love the videos! they are both so cute! it was really fun listening to the poem aashini was reciting.