Friday, December 3, 2010

Retreat! - Last Stuff :)

Here are a few last pictures from the retreat :) The girls took baths in the bucket in our room. I thought they were so cute in the bucket :) This is a true bucket-bath :)
I love that Aashini can still fit in a bucket :)
On one of the last days, a baby horse was running around the camp. It was super cute and fluffy. It definitely had some attitude though :)
Aashini had fun feeding the horse :)
One time she didn't feed him right and he bit her finger and wouldn't let go, we had to open the horse's mouth to get her hand out. Thankfully her hand was totally fine, but she cried a little and said: "Why did that cute horse bite me?" (see her face in the picture below - this is when she realized that her hand was stuck)...
My girls playing with the rocks :)
Aashini looking at the water - she loved looking at the water!
It was an awesome retreat!!!


Erin G said...

I think (ok I KNOW) that I would sooner skip baths than worry about making it happen in a bucket. Yes, even in south asia. Yes, even for many, many, many days in a row.

But that's why I don't have any cute bucket bath pics and you do. :)

SouthAsiaRocks said...