Thursday, December 2, 2010

Retreat! - Diya's FIRST Birthday!

Diya turned one during our retreat! It was a fun time for her to turn one :) Diya had a super fun week! She loved playing in the fun rocks!!! If you look closely you can sort-of see her little tooth in this picture. Now both of them are visible, but I think you can only see one in this picture (click on it to make it bigger).
Aashini was so excited for Diya's birthday! I made cupcakes and icing the day before we left for our trip and brought them over with us and decorated them there :) (I even remembered sprinkles) :)
Aashini got to help Diya blow out her candle :)
Diya sorta liked the cupcake :) She ate the icing anyway :) haha!
She LOVED the icing :)
Happy Birthday Diya!!


Kelley said...

Happy Birthday Diya!

Emily said...

YAY Happy first birthday sweet Diya! Can't wait to meet you! :)

Anthony & Sharon said...

I missed this post in our move. Happy Birthday Diya! I can't believe she only has 2 teeth! Isaiah is just 3 months older and has ALL of his...molars, canine's, the whole bit. Though I heard somebody say once children with light skin and eyes get teeth later...Isaiah doesn't really qualify for that.

SouthAsiaRocks said...

Sharon! That is hilarious! It's funny how kids can be so different!