Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Kiddos!

Here's a few fun pics of the girls from the last few days :) Aashini has started to LOVE pockets! She loves putting rocks in her pockets too :) It's cute :)
Whenever Aashini is concentrating, she sticks her tongue out - I love it!
Diya was crying the other night, and Aashini brought her a toy to make her feel better. It worked! haha! Aashini loves to help Diya when she's crying. She says to Diya: "Don't worry Diya, don't worry" and then gives her a toy or bounces her in her bouncy chair - so cute!
She's a really "grabby" baby. She reaches out to grab anything near her and she LOVES to hold and touch things. If she's really upset we can give her a blanket and she's so happy! It's cute ;)
A family picture....
Aashini is getting so big so fast! She talks a ton now and says: "What's that?" about a million times a day! :)
I love this picture! :)


Life in Green-Land said...

So cute! Finding pockets also makes laundry time extra fun! I find all kinds of "treasures" in pockets and purses!
The girls are beautiful! :)

Emily said...

Ahhh that last picture is hilarious!! I love this post full of pics, especially your family of 4 picture. Is that the first one? It's been awhile, in any case!
Isn't it so sweet to see the big sister loving on the little one? (and not-so-sweet when they yell, "NO A-BELL! NO NO NO!!" ... what? Aashini doesn't do that? Must be another blue eyed toddler I'm thinking of)

Lindsay said...

Hey Andrea- I've been meaning to put this on your facebook, but hopefully you'll get it this way, too. I have a friend from when I lived in NYC who is a photographer and she just spent a month in India. I thought you would enjoy her blog- her pictures are really cool!

alwaysjoyfuldejs said...

Great pics! Grace is a grabby, cuddly girl, too!