Friday, March 26, 2010

Sister Time :)

Aashini loves Diya! It's so fun to see them interact :) Aashini has a new thing that she loves to do. In the mornings we have a pretty regular routine. Wake up, eat breakfast & take a bath. After her bath, she usually sits and watches a show on TV while we get ready (Usually Word World or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse), then we take her to school. Lately she's been wanting to watch TV with her little sister.
Diya really seems to like it (you can see her happy expression on her face below). Aashini is so sweet with her and just holds her and pats her stomach if she gets upset and says: "Don't worry Diya". It's so cute :)
I had to include this one... Aashini has discovered boogers but has been really into her nose lately... it's hard to get a picture of her without her fingers in her nose... nice!
Aashini is always loving on Diya... but Diya has now learned how to grab handfuls of Aashini's hair... haha!


Anonymous said...

That is so cute! I love to see sisters loving each's so sweet!!

Emily said...

I know we just talked about this earlier this week, but now I see a big resemblence in them, especially in the first picture! haha
They look so sweet!

Anthony and Sharon said...

Love it! Isaac held Isaiah's hand all the way (2 whole miles!:) to church this morning in the car. It makes my "mommy heart" fill up instantly!!!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

So sweet!!