Monday, March 21, 2011


I don't have internet yet (hopefully tomorrow!) so I can only post a couple of pictures (posted via my phone)... We had quite the eventful Holi this year! Adam had typhoid (and didn't know it) and wanted to go out and play anyway, and then he passed out - We did get to meet a lot of neighbors that way though :) haha!

Aashini REALLY loved Holi this year!! She had so much fun - she would have played all day!!! Diya didn't like it at all! This is the only picture I got of Diya :)
Here's Aashini :) She LOVED it!!! :)

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Anthony & Sharon said...

Boo Typhoid, yay for Aashini, and we know Diya will come around in a year or two!
No pics of mom though? :( Guess that's what happens when dad passes out!