Friday, March 18, 2011

A Diya Post :)

Diya seems to be growing so fast! She's been slow to get her teeth but that hasn't stopped her from eating everything!!! She has 3 teeth and has been grumpy the last few days... and then Monday night I saw something in her mouth and reached in a felt that she had 2 upper molars!!!!!!!!! The girl has 2 bottom teeth and one top tooth and now she has two upper molars! haha! I don't remember that being the order they were supposed to come in - haha!

Anyway, here's Diya eating corn on the cob! Too funny :) She loved it!
Here's a super crooked pic of Diya playing on our new porch :)
This is before we moved, but this was Diya's first day to discover that she loved tea parties :)
She's a sweet little goofball :)


Carrie said...

Such a sweet girl! Can't wait until we get to meet her as well! Miss you guys!

Anthony & Sharon said...

Us #2's gotta do something different than the older sibling or else you'd just get bored! Why grow teeth in the usual way? Totally not necessary!!! :)
She is too precious and growing so fast!!

Brandy said...

A new porch! I'll miss all the pics on your old porch! You lived in that house a long time! ;)

SouthAsiaRocks said...

haha yeah! we were in that house for 5 years! I'll miss the pics too :) haha! New Porch for new pics :) haha!

Emily said...

She IS a sweet girl! Looking back, I think it's funny how quiet she seems, or maybe that's just because she couldn't compete with Aashini, Hazel, and Annabel. :)