Saturday, June 19, 2010

Little Artist :)

Aashini loves coloring. She loves blank paper the best :) haha! The other day she drew this cute smiley face :) Every time she draws a smiley face she almost always draws a line for the forehead :) haha!
The other day she drew a picture of her buddy Hazel (or Pazel as she calls her). Here's Hazel's mom's blog and here are a few pictures of Aashini with Hazel while they still lived in South Asia :) Anyway, Aashini drew this picture of Hazel and was so proud of it :)
Here she is - all proud :)


Emily said...

I feel so special that not only did Hazel get mentioned on your blog, but Aashini drew her a picture! I showed it to Hazel and she was SUPER excited about it...after I convinced her that Aashini wasn't Hazel! haha I guess to her, they look identical. Btw, I think it's impressive that Aash can draw so well.

Anthony and Sharon said...

Smiley faces?! Very impressive!! Did she learn that at school or on her own? Isaac draws "train tracks" (a bunch of lines) but smiley faces are for sure several months off! HA!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

one day she just started drawing smiley faces - not sure how that happened :) haha! I love it when she draws them :)

Emily - Aashini thinks she's hazel sometimes too :)