Monday, June 7, 2010

The Girls :)

I took a bunch of pictures of the girls together the other day. They were so funny together - I got some hilarious pictures!! I love how Aashini is holding Diya's hand in the picture below :)
Diya loves hanging out with Aashini - she was so happy!
This one makes me laugh! I took the picture right as the wind blew - haha! :)
This one is funny to me - you can see Aashini playing with Diya's food here too. She loves to play with her feet :) haha!
This one makes me laugh - they're kinda making the same face :)
I think this one (below) is one of my favorites :)
Sisters are fun :)


Anthony and Sharon said...

Wow that second one from the bottom of Diya is SUCH an Adam face!! And yay for matching outfits!! I match my boys as often as possible:)

Emily said...

Aw those are precious!!

Elaine Roberts said...

They are both BEAUTIFUL girls! And your photos are amazing too!