Sunday, August 2, 2009


I haven't been the best at posting lately - sorry! Here's a few pics and a video from the 20 week ultrasound :)
This picture was to show that Pop Rock has all 5 fingers on that hand :)Pop Rock is pretty flexible :) She has her foot touching her forehead :)
Here's a 3D picture - I always think they're a little weird looking... but they're fun :) This picture makes it look like he has elf ears - haha!
... and here's a short ultrasound video :)

So I've had a few people ask questions about baby stuff so I'll do a FAQ blog soon... so if you have any questions (where are we having the baby? How is it different here? Boy or Girl? etc...) Let me know! You guys ROCK!


Erin G said...

wow, love seeing his little mouth open and close!

TASTE and SEE said...

i loved the little mouth, so precious.

Roberts said...

The shot where he says, "That's the face," is adorable with Pop Rock opening his mouth!

gloria said...

wow, thats so exciting!!!!He/she looks so healthy and lively. Thanks, that was so great to see. lovegg

armouris said...

info on ultrasound here - Seeing Unborn Baby Using Ultrasound