Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Aashini loves to have fun! What kid doesn't right? One thing she LOVES to do is to dress up! She loves it! We got her some butterfly wings when we were in Thailand and gave them to her a few days ago. She thought they were awesome!
She ran all around the house saying "butterfly" over and over!
The wings aren't always enough though :) haha! She added some boas to her dress-up... as well as her favorite - flip-flops! That's my girl!! She has trouble with the letter "F", so she usually calls them "Whop-Whops" - I love it :)
She looks a little guilty in this pic, it made me laugh :)
Aashini also has fun doing other random things... you can see in the video below:
Don't ask about her outfit :) She was out with Adam & had an "accident" :)
Now this pic (below) is blurry (this girl does not stay still for more than a second!) - but she is making a really funny face :) I thought I'd post it :)
Have a fun day! :)


Carrie said...

I love all the dress up pictures of her! Too cute!

Roberts said...

The one of her all dressed up is adorable - she has that look of, "Tell me how pretty I am!" on her face that is so adorable on little girls.
Also, were they in a gurdwara? What do the w0rshppers think about her running around, just curious. I remember them not being very reverent in situations like that (talking on mobiles, etc) so I was just curious what they thought of her running around.

SouthAsiaRocks said...

Yeah, the people in the gurudwara didn't even notice her running around. We didn't really let her run around like crazy though, but it's hard to keep a toddler still :) haha! They didn't think anything of it - she got some smiles though :)

gloria said...

Those were just so cute and funny. Yea, the people didn't even notice her, she was like a little ballerina on her tippy toes. My mom really loved looking at all the blogs. thanks, lovegg