Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Little Model :)

Aashini had her first photoshoot this weekend :) She got the opportunity to take some pictures for a National kids clothing store chain - Lilliput. We thought it would be fun and Aashini LOVES trying on new clothes, so we thought we'd give it a try :)
I took a few pics but they aren't that great - the lighting was low and I couldn't use a flash or get to the same angle as the photographer. Once the pics are published then they'll give us copies of the pics so I'll post more then :)
Aashini had a BLAST! She was quite the ham!
The only problem with the shoot was that it was for their Winter Clothing Line and we're in South Asian in the summer :) haha! This shoot was inside, so it wasn't too bad, but still really hot!
Aashini loved all the attention :) haha!
She took a few pictures with our friend Oksana. She's from Turkmenistan and was in a few pictures to pose as a "mother".
I thought she looked a lot like Wonderwoman...
Aashini was there by herself in the morning for the shoot and later that day some other kids came for the shoot. She LOVED getting to pose with the other kids!
When the other parents were there it was quite funny to watch them and all the people working with the shoot trying to get the small kids to smile - hilarious!
The pics Aashini took (besides the solo shots) were mostly taken with this little girl - Sophia. They had fun taking pictures together.
They had Aashini take a lot of pics with this crib. She LOVED climbing in and out of it over and over. One time she flipped over in it - it was pretty funny. She thought it was fun and I thought it was fun that I caught it on camera :)
Some of the outfits had so many parts to them (Wool tights, pants/skirt/dress, shirt, sweater, etc..) but this one was the most colorful (stripes, polka-dots, flowers, etc) - it was cute :)
We weren't sure if Aashini would like it or not, so we weren't sure if we'd stay very long, but she really had a blast.
I think she liked all the attention :)
If you want to see a few more pics you can click on This Link! (it's the photos I've uploaded on Facebook)


Carrie said...

How awesome and fun!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That one of her falling into the crib is hilarious!!! That looks like she totally ate it all up!! She is such a trooper!!

Erin G said...

such a sweetie! I was expecting Aashini to be the only white kid, but NOPE! more of those than south asians! funny, for a national clothing line, huh? unless they were trying to make the clothes look more western or something. weird.

looks like she had FUN, so that's the important part. :)

Roberts said...

So pretty!! I can't wait to see the billboard pics of her, like Megan's kids. That's SO neat that you got that opportunity. Maybe she'll wind up in a Bollywood movie?? haha

gloria said...

Those were so funny. She is so adorable in those cute little outfits! She is a little ham. lovegg