Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pop Rock & ABCs!

** There is a short video at the end of this post if you want to go down there and press play/pause to let it load while you read **
Well, a lot of people have been asking me how this pregnancy is going so far, so I guess I'll answer :) I put in a few random Aashini pics so that it doesn't get boring :) haha! No really, I don't have much to say though. Last pregnancy I was miserably sick! I was pretty much in bed all day and throwing up all day. I couldn't even move a lot of days (or even shower!)! I also had extreme vascular headaches and I was miserable!!
Well, I've been afraid to say anything because it really hasn't been so bad! I feel nauseous every day, but not all day - usually in the evening. I haven't thrown-up at all! (yet)!! Last pregnancy my headaches started at about 8 weeks (there's a technical reason for that if you're interested :))... well, I'm currently 8.5 weeks.... and I've had one headache, but it wasn't too bad. I'm really hoping that it stays like this! I still have to stay inside a lot though - (When I get hot, I tend to get pretty nauseous, and it's over 100 outside most of the day (last night at 9:00 pm it was 95!) (heat experience from last pregnancy - if interested)) Although I've felt pretty blah! it really hasn't been bad at all and I really can't complain. I'm really praising G0d for this!!
So, for fun :) - Here' a video of Aashini :) I saw a friends little girl saying the alphabet the other day so we decided it was time to start practicing :) This video cracks me up for a couple of reasons :)
1. Aashini loves to see herself! She'll do all kinds of cute tricks and say fun things, but when the video camera comes out, she goes crazy! We always have to point the screen at her so that she can see herself, or else she will keep going behind the camera and looking at the video :) Aashini can't say her own name yet. She calls herself "Ni-Ni". She went through a phase where she said everything in double (dog-dog, bear-bear, ma-ma, etc), so when she said her own name it became Ni-Ni. We call her that a lot too and you'll see her call herself that when she sees herself on video (and you'll hear her say "no, no, no" when Adam tries to turn the video screen back to himself - haha!)
2. When she says the alphabet she usually gets hung-up on the letter "I". She'll point to her eye and then sometimes move on to other body parts (nose, mouth, etc)... it's pretty funny :)
3. Aashini's bandanna :) She LOVES to wear things on her head and when we pulled out the camera, she pulled out her bandanna :) haha!
So, without talking anymore, here's Aashini's take on the Alphabet:


Kelley said...

She says the letters so clearly and the "Ni-ni" is so sweet.

Anonymous said...

That was awesome!!! Megan used to say "..l,m,n, ok,p.." I always loved that! I am so glad things are going great for you! I pray it will continue!

Brandon and April said...

hooray ni-ni!! I'm so impressed with her "F". that's one eden definitely hasn't mastered as you can tell in her video. and the "m" and the "n" crack me up to as they both skip over those!!
eden loved watching the video too!! in fact, we're about to go watch it again because eden is screaming for it. :)
glad you are feeling better this time around! we'll pray it continues to get even better!!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

haha yeah! Aashini loved watching Eden's video too! She kept saying "more! more!" :)

Roberts said...

I giggled a lot through that video! So very cute!! I love the Ni-Ni...she did so well!! And y'all's new furniture is REALLY nice!! It was cool to hear all of your voices. :) Wish I could hear them in person!

Brandy said...

such a cute little voice...and a really fun video!

Erin G said...

1.) that green and pink dress is so. cute.

2.) the picture of Aashini sleeping with adam is precious.

3.) that video is impressive! makes me think we should start working on the alphabet too! (we've been doing it out of order, with his foam bath toy letters - your way makes a lot more sense, now that I think about it... duh.) Do you think she knows that "you"/"u" means Aashini? Funny that she said "nini" right when you got to the letter U.

gloria said...

she is sooooo sweet and so smart!!!Her voice is so angelic----thats for that video, I know I'm going to wear it out!!!!love gg

Bethany Faith said...

hahaha! So cute.

Carrie said...

Love the picture of her and Adam sleeping! So precious!!!! The video - WOW she is one smart kiddo and soooo cute!!!!!

Bri said...

oh just keep bragging :P