Monday, January 27, 2014

Piano Recital - Aashini :)

Aashini and her "Little Mozarts" Class had a recital last week :)  Aashini has had fun in this class :)  They learn to play the piano, but they also learn to "hear" the music/rhythms/beats, etc...  Here they are doing a dance to one of their songs.  They do different motions for different parts of the song :)
 Aashini had two solos.  Her first was "Hot Cross Buns" :)
 Her 2nd solo was "We Three Kings".  She forgot this one a little bit, but she still did great :) 
Her class gave Mrs. Aimee a gift at the end :)
 Here is the Little Mozarts Class (and Diya) :)
Here's a Video!

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