Thursday, January 2, 2014

Annual Day 2013 - Aashini

A few weeks ago, Aashini had her School Annual Day :)  
Aashini's group was first this year.  While they were doing the opening welcome and things, this little girl peeked under the curtain.  I thought she was cute :)
 Here's Aashini coming on stage for her dance!! :)
 OK... now before I go on....  I want you to notice this picture below... the picture on the left is how she looked when she left the house....  The picture in the middle is how she looked when she got on stage! haha!  She said she thought I did her outfit wrong, so she "fixed" it.... hahaha!  (Granted, I did put her top on backwards... this one was supposed to hook in the back, unlike a Sari that is supposed to hook in the front... I always seem to get it wrong! hahaha! BUT you couldn't tell when it was tied properly haha!)  The last picture is after the performance when we had it all right :) haha!
Anyway, back to the performance....
 Here she is with her classmates doing her performance :)
 She had sooo much fun performing :)
 Here's Aashini posing afterwards :) hahaha!
 That's more like it :) haha!!!
Somehow, Aashini lost her shoes... so she got a free piggy-back ride home :) haha!

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Emily said...

Oh you know the moms there were thinking, "The poor angrezi girl, her mom doesn't know how to dress Indian." haha! She is adorable though, and I love all the programs they do at their schools!