Thursday, January 23, 2014

Diya's 4th Birthday!! Rockstar Party!!!

I just saw this as a "draft"... I never posted it!! oops!
Diya is 4!  I posted these pics on Facebook, but I wanted to make sure I did a blog post on her birthday too :)   
Diya wanted a fun Rockstar party!  When everyone got there, they got Rockstar Supplies....  Colored Hair, Bling Rings, Headphone Mics, Glitter "tattoos" (sticker), and Silly Bands :)
 Here are the girls getting decked out :) 
 Diya and Zora :)
 We played some Rockstar games.... like "Rockstar Says" & "Follow the Rockstar"
 ... and "PopRock"
 Poprock is what we called Diya before she was born :)
 My little Birthday Rockstar!!!!
 Even the guys had fun :)
It was a fun birthday :)

Here's a short Video:

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Emily said...

That is a very fun party theme! Diya looks so super cute and thrilled in every picture. I like the way she is sitting cross-legged (with Zora). That's how I used to sit too! :)