Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kite Festival!

 The other day we went to a Kite Festival with our friends Ranjit & Deepa and their kids :)
The kiddos LOVED the kites :)  I love Diya's excitement in this picture :)
There were some pretty cool kites!
The kids loved being there and running all around in the grass :)
This guy was doing some really cool moves with this kite!  Aashini LOVED it!!
The guy was really good with the kite! (except when the wind went crazy and it wacked me in the head! haha!). You can see a video of the kite :) You can't see it hit me in the head, but you see when it happened :) haha!
After the kites were done we ate the food that we snuck in :)  (And we had our first Macaroons!)
The kiddos had fun running around and playing.
...and a funny picture of Deepa and Me :)
Afterwards we went to the play place and had fun! :)
The guys..

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