Monday, January 28, 2013

Diya's Fancy Dress Competition!

Diya had her first "Fancy Dress Competition" a month back.  She chose to be a "Fashion Designer" :) haha!    Diya is all into fashion.  She knew when colors matched before she knew the names of colors! haha!  We always ask her for fashion advice :) haha!
 The other kids dressed up like all sorts of things... Religi0us leaders, political positions, different food items, job/occupations, etc...

This is Diya's best friend. She dressed up as Healthy Food vs. Junk Food... I think they forgot arm holes in her costume :)

Her other good friend had an interesting topic too... It was against b0mbs.  It was pretty graphic for a Pre-K speaking competition (notice the picture with the leg blown off... you should have seen the back!)
 This is the bully in Diya's class.... he looks like a bully hunh?
 I love this kid :)  He made the best faces :)   He talked against Dowry.
 Here's Diya speaking!!!
 Here she is running off when she was done! haha!
 They made her come back up and pose for pics (which she had NO trouble doing :) haha!) :)
 This is the kid that won the speaking competition :)  he was so cute!
 They turned on some music and let the kids dance while the tallied the scores.  
 The music got loud at one point and the kids thought it was funny :)  (This girl is one year older than all the other kids in their class... that's why she's so tall!)
 Diya dancing!
 She had a good time! haha!  
Here's the video of the competition :)


Emily said...

She seems like she has SUCH personality!! I love it that she tells y'all if you match or not. :)

A Little Water/A La Carte said...

Did you notice the kid dressed at vishnu/krishna push the other child off the stage? oh my! I really enjoyed watching Diya's presentation. Very fun.