Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Christmas 2012

Christmas!  We had a great Christmas this year!
The girls had fun decorating our Christmas tree :)
 Of course they had to decorate the tree while wearing dress-up clothes.... just about everything they do at home requires them to wear dress-up clothes :) haha!
 The Sunday before Christmas the Hindi Church Kids did a cute performance :)
 Here are the Hindi Church kids with their Christmas Presents :)
 Diya loved playing with the tree :)
 We decorated a gingerbread house this year :)
 Diya loved the icing :) haha!
 Diya always poses when I pull out the camera :) haha!
 Here's our Gingerbread House! :)
 We always celebrate Christmas as a family on Christmas Eve :)  Since the girls have school on Christmas Eve, we celebrated when they woke up from their naps :)  Here they are waiting to go into the living room and open their presents :)
 You can see that Aashini is still a little sleepy :) haha!
 Diya was excited about opening her presents :)
 Here's little Cindy Lou Who getting ready to go to bed on Christmas Eve :)
Christmas Morning!  The girls are all dressed up to go to Church! ;)
 After church we went to our friend's house with some friends to eat and have fun :)  Here's our friend Faisal with the Gingerbread house :)
 I just thought this picture was cute :)
 The kiddos eyeing the sweets! :)
 We ended the day with some Speed Uno! :)
 Here are the girls enjoying their new microphones :)
 On the 26th the girls had a Christmas party at school... they were supposed to dress up like Santa or a Fairy :)  Here are the girls (without their wings :))
It was a great Christmas!!


Emily said...

What do fairies have to do with Christmas? I love the pics, the girls look so cute and have grown SO much!! I especially love the one with sleepy Aashini, they look so lovey and sisterly.

Kelley C said...

Was A a present in the performance? D always has the best expressions!!