Monday, August 20, 2012

Fun Times!

I have some more random pictures to post :)  
Here is Diya running and playing with her buddy one Sunday morning :)
 This is an older picture (Aashini's hair is almost twice as long now!) but I never posted it... so thought I'd post it now :)  It makes me laugh!  Aashini "cooking in the kitchen" and Diya getting into trouble while dressed up in her dress-up clothes :) haha! 
 Diya playing on another Sunday morning :)
 Sometimes after school we get balloons from the guy that sells balloons near the exit of the school :)  This umbrella balloon was one of Diya's favorites :)
 A little dress-up fun :)  (Aashini is a rockstar adn Diya is a princess" :) )
More to come...

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