Monday, August 13, 2012

Family Day 2012!!! (aka Anniversary)

 HaPpY FaMiLy DaY!!!!
August 10th is our wedding anniversary.  This year was our 10th Anniversary and we decided to start a new tradition!  We decided to start "Family Day" to celebrate the day we became a family :)

This year we decided we were going to give the girls gifts...
Aashini LOVES art and being crafty and creative, so we cleaned off my desk (that I never use anymore) and filled it full of art stuff (crayons, markers, paper, tape, glue, scissors, etc).
 Here is Aashini when she first saw her desk... she was SOOOOO excited!!!!  It was so cute!  She spends at least an hour every day at her dest (and many days, much more!)
My funny girls :)
 Diya LOVES fashion, dress-up, dolls, doing hair, etc... so we made her a fashion station.  
 This is what was in her fashion station :) 
 Both girls had fun playing with it and fixing their doll's hair, doing their make-up and even dressing up themselves :)
 This cracks me up... I think Diya looks like Elton John here :) haha!
 Aashini dressed up like a princess :)
 Diya showing off her new style :) haha!  The girl walks around the house all day with high heels on! haha!  She wears them all day!
 They had a long weekend, so we were going to celebrate Family Day mostly on Saturday... BUT all night Friday night (our Anniversary), Aashini was up throwing Up... so she wasn't 100% on Saturday morning.  We were going to try and go Ice Skating, but she' wasn't up for it... so instead, we did painting! :)
 Later that day, we pulled out their princess tent to play in :)
 That night we made a big tent in the living room, ordered pizza and watched a movie together.  The girls got to sleep in the tent all night :) 
It was a fun First Annual Family Day :)  We're definitely going to repeat this next year :)

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foreverjoyfulleslie said...

That's great! Looks fun! But don't forget to celebrate you anniversary with just your hubby, too!