Friday, February 3, 2012

All About Diya

Here are some fun pictures of Diya recently :) 
  Diya fell asleep in a rickshaw the other day and I thought she was so cute propping her head up  :)
 Playing at the play place :)
 Running around some ruins :)
 Diya is goofy!   She loves making silly faces for the camera!  Diya has to wear a "princess skirt" at all times!!  Here she is in one of her "princess skirts" and her fun boots.  (My sister sent them to us... you can't tell from these pictures but they are blue glitter Doc Martins... sooo cute!)
 Here she is doing a Bollywood Dance :)
 This pose made me laugh :) haha!  My girls crack me up :)


Anthony & Sharon said...

She looks so much like Adam in that first picture with her princess skirt! What a cutie! Those 2nd borns and their awesome personalities!!! :)

foreverjoyfulleslie said...

So cute :)