Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Kiddos in the Mountains - Thanksgiving 2011

 The girls had a great time in the mountains!!!  Aashini is really into posing for pictures now :)  This picture cracks me up :)
 This is in the room where we had our meals ;)
 I tried to take a picture of the girls one day... it didn't quite work out :) haha!
 Here's Diya on the safari :)  She loved the "'noculars" :)
 Aashini stopping to pose for a picture :)
 Diya loved the horse ride!  This horse's name was Deepak.  
 Aashini LOVED her S'mores!
 Diya & Adam :)
 The girls had so much fun playing with their friends!!  It was fun :)


alwaysjoyfuldejs said...

Don't people get named Deepak sometime? Kind of weird to name a horse the same thing (to my way of thinking anyway).

Emily said...

Yeah that's funny, because our friends there always gave dogs and pets western names, because it wasn't nice to name them South Asian names. Do you know, oh wise Encyclopedia of South Asia? ;)

GREAT pictures! I love Aashini's pose!!