Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Diya's Birthday!!!

Diya is TWO!!!  Diya's birthday was November 26th.  On her actual birthday we were on a train all day coming home from our trip, so we didn't celebrate that day.  On the 24th our friend Susan had a birthday, so the resort made a cake for Diya and Susan that day.  Diya thought it was so fun!
 She got cake, ice cream AND chocolate syrup!
 She loved it!   Her favorite thing about birthdays is the cake! :)
 A day after we were back, we celebrated her birthday as a family (she already had her Princess Party with her friends a few weeks before - I totally need to post those pictures!  I'm so behind!).   Here she is opening  one of her presents - a doll :)
 She was so happy with her cupcake!
 SUPER Happy!
 She tries really hard to blow out the candles... but still needs some help :)
 She ate the frosting off the top :)

 Here's a video of Diya and her cake/candles :)  I think it's cute :)
Later that day we went to the mall and played and ate :)  Here's Diya (with her doll) all ready to go (and making a silly face :)


Emily said...

Aww, she just oozes sweetness. I love how "she" blows out candles. ;) And I have to say, cake is my favorite thing at bday parties, too!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

haha awesome :)