Monday, December 5, 2011

Diya's FIRST Day of School!

Diya started school last week!  I can't believe she's big enough for school!!!
For the first 2 days, the kids go to the basement play room and play with the other new kids and teachers as they adjust.  We're in the same room, so it's not so stressful for them.  
On the 3rd day they take the kids to their class for one hour of the time (the rest of the time they're in the basement room).  On the 4th day they spend a few hours in their class (while we sit downstairs in case we're needed) and the 5th day we drop her off!  She did really good!  She really loves school and gets excited to go!
On her first day they celebrated "Mickey's Birthday", so they had a cake and sang.  Diya thought that was AWESOME!  That girl LOVES cake! haha!  She loved it!
So, starting this week, she'll be in school regularly.   She's having a lot of fun!


Brandy said...

oh such fun! can't believe she's in school!!!!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

Me neither!