Monday, November 7, 2011

Lighthouse Beach

After spending a few days at the other resort we went to another area of Kovalam called Lighthouse Beach (you can see the lighthouse in the background behind Adam)...
This beach was very interesting because it had black sand!  In pictures it doesn't look that pretty, but it was really neat!  It was super sparkly too (which you know I just love!).... one downfall of black sand - it was SUPER hot!!!!!!
 I bought these awesome mini buckets and shovels at a dollar store when we were in America.  They're great because they easily fit in my luggage and they are perfect for the girls! :)  They had a ton of fun digging in the sand!
 This is Diya making a funny face... her funny faces crack me up :)  She puts her head to the side and poses like this ;)  It's funny :)
 Diya's little foot in the sand :)
Playing on the beach!  The beach was weird!  The sand on the beach was black, but near the water it was sort of red/brown... but if you dug underneath the red/brown sand, it was black!  Very interesting! 
 The girls were very into playdough this trip :)  They brought it with them everywhere!  
 It was very helpful when we were waiting for meals to come though :)  The restaurants at Lighthouse Beach were all "open-air" and with beach views - it was awesome!

 Diya concentrating with her playdough :)
 Here is Diya making her "funny face" :)
The girls and their funny faces :)
Here we are playing on the beach at sunset :)  It was fun :)
 Digging in the sand at lighthouse beach :)
The sun was about to set but got behind the clouds... Diya couldn't figure out where it went :) 
 Look how black the sand is!!!  Crazy!
 Black sand looks funny on faces :) haha!  It was super fine sand too and it got on EVERYTHING!!!  
 Sunset time!  I'll have pictures of the sunset on the other blog :)
 A nice bucket bath to end a fun day :)
We LOVED this beach and definitely want to come back here another time!!

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Anthony & Sharon said...

We bought Immanuelle an anklet and I had to come back to this post and say how cute Diya's little foot is in the one pic! And I can totally understand being freaked out at taking my children up to the top of the lighthouse after a fall like Diya's...oh my! Looked like a fun vacay!