Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kerala - Beach Time!

We went from the capital to the BEACH!  This is Diya when we first arrived at the resort :)
 I liked this picture so I just had to post it :)
 Same with this one... :)
 This picture isn't very great photography-wise... but I thought it was cute :)  The girls had fun playing with their buddy Lucy :)
 Aashini at Area 51 :)  You can sort-of see her cute heart-shaped birthmark on her arm in this pic :)
  Diya at Area 51 :)
 This picture was taken the day after Diya's "accident"  (if you don't know what I'm talking about PLEASE read about this amazing miracle HERE).  Aashini couldn't stop hugging Diya that day.  It's not a great picture but brings back sweet memories to me :)
 Aashini got to use one of our cameras one day.  She took this picture of Diya that I just LOVE :)
 Aashini took this picture too :)  

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Emily said...

Aashini's gonna inherit your photography talents! :) You got some REALLY good frameworthy pics of your girls!