Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kerala - Kidz in the Capital

We spent our first couple of days in Kerala in the capital city.  There were some fun and interesting things to do there (check the other blog to see more things we did).  We went to a park one day that had these great swings that the girls LOVED!
 They had quite the swinging radius (not sure how to say or word that... but when you went forward - you went forward for a long time and then back for a long time - haha!)... It was a smooth swing!  It was neat!
 The swings were tied to two coconut trees!  Look at how this was rigged up!  Fun :)
 Diya's face cracks me up in this picture :)
 Diya liked swinging by herself :)  She thought she was cool :)
 Here is Aashini at a different part of the park...
 They LOVE playing in the sand!!!
 Here's Diya with her funny goggles :)  We went down to swim at the hotel's pool one of the days while we were there and we were all suited up and geared up.  When we got there on one side of the pool were about 30+ people sitting VERY quietly in chairs dressed up for job interviews that were taking place right next to the pool.  The elevator door opened up to the very front right where they were sitting.... it's hard to explain but it was very funny and a little embarrassing! haha!  We were all ready to swim, so we got in the pool (not even 5 feet from all the people doing job interviews sitting VERY quietly all dressed up!) - haha!  It was very funny to swim next to them :) haha!  

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