Monday, October 25, 2010


The mall near our house has an outside play area that is open in the evenings. It's like a carnival because you have to pay for each ride you go on or each area you play in. We decided to let Aashini play here one night and she had a blast! The first thing she played on was a trampoline that had balls all over it! It was quite fun!! She thought it was awesome to fall into the balls :)
One thing Aashini has really been wanting to do is to drive the cars :) The cars are totally funny here!
You get into a car and a guy operates it by a remote control, but he has to stay right behind it - it's funny :) The funniest thing is that Aashini could still steer too, so the man is trying to make the car go right and Aashini is steering all crazy! haha! At one point he asked us to tell her not to steer :) haha! yeah, like an almost 3 year old is going to just sit in the car and not steer - haha! It was hilarious!
Aashini thought she was driving the car all by herself - it was so funny! :)
The last thing we did was let her drive boats :) They had these little motor boats in the fountain of the mall plaza - so funny!
For a while Aashini kept spinning in circles, but she got the hang of it and had a ton of fun :)
She loves playing!!!


Emily said...

The concept behind the car is really funny. I bet Aashini had a blast!

Sara Beth said...

We have remote control cars like that in this country too. The kids love them. But once they are older you don't have to use the remote, they can do it themselves. Fun!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

Emily - Hazel can do it when you come to visit if you want :)

SB - I didn't think about that - awesome! :)