Saturday, October 9, 2010


When I was first pregnant with Aashini we found a store in a market that had gotten a shipment in of a handfull of books from Goodwill in the US that they were selling for about 25 cents or so each, so we bought most of them :) (That store usually has college text-books and just randomly had these books and hasn't had them since - it was weird). Anyway, some of the books were pretty old. The other day Aashini had one of the books and came running up to us and said: "Look mom! This book has a big CD in it!!"
haha! She loved her "big CD" :) It made me laugh :)


Emily said...

I need that CD for decorations for my 80s party!!

Karen said...

This made me feel old. :P

Your sweet girl is precious!