Monday, October 11, 2010

Commonwealth Games Fun! - Athletics!

We bought tickets to some of the events for the Commonwealth Games to take the family to. We weren't sure how the girls would do at the games. We kinda figured on about an hour at each game :) We took the girls to their first event on Friday to see Athletics (basically Track & Field - see the other blog to see more about our trip :)) Anyway, the girls had a blast!
They passed out free flags when we walked in and Aashini LOVED her flag! She thought it was awesome!
She waved it and cheered for everyone :)
Diya REALLY loved her flag too! She was so happy when she was holding it... but she did whack the guy in front of her a few times - oops :)
Here's Diya drinking some water :)
Here's Aashini doing the "namaste" with Shera the mascot of the games :)

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Emily said...

I love these pics of you and your girls! Is it weird that I almost teared up looking at the picture of Aashini and realizing that very soon our girls will get to reunite?? haha! Just typing it makes me almost tear up again! More on topic - that's awesome that your girls enjoyed sitting like that. Makes me think my girls could do that too.