Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shoes, Friends & French Fries

I've been pretty bad at blogging lately - I'm pregnant... haha! That's my excuse :) I just haven't felt like doing much :) So here's a few pics :)
The other day, some of our friends from M-town came into the Capital and Aashini had a blast playing with their girls!
Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!! Aashini LOVES shoes! I don't know if it's a regular toddler thing or if she just really loves shoes :) haha! She'll sit all day long and put her shoes on and take them off. It's actually quite convenient because now before we go out we can tell her: "Go put on your shoes" and she can do it!! It's great! Sure, sometimes she gets them on the wrong feet, but she can do it! ANYWAY, the other day we went to a shoe store to get some shoes for a wedding we're going to in a couple of weeks. Aashini was in heaven!
She LOVED being in that store and went crazy putting on shoes and running around!
The workers at the store loved that she loved their shoes so much (and that we were buying 3 nice pairs! haha!). They got her a juice box and she was sooo happy :) I think she had just as much fun in the shoe store as she does at the park or at a playground! haha!
Here's a video for fun. Aashini LOVES McDonald's! If we go to certain places she knows has a McDonald's, she's start chanting (seriously! Chanting!) - "Donald's, Ronald's, French Fries, Nuggets" over and over! It's hilarious! Anyway, here's a short video clip of Aashini at McDonald's and VERY excited! (so excited she couldn't even talk! haha!) :)

And... just for fun... another picture.... You'll be seeing this Star Trek-looking dress (but hopefully not this funny face) again :) More info to come :) hah


Anonymous said...

Ok that last picture is one of the funniest pictures I've ever seen!!! Too funny! I do that same chant when I want McDonalds!!hahahaha!!!

Carrie said...

Too cute! Love all the pictures and stories!

Emily said...

haha!! Her grunting and yelling in the video is hilarious!! She is so funny, and her big eyes are super cute. And that last picture...oh my goodness! Best picture ever! Can't wait to hear the story behind that dress! haha :)

alwaysjoyfuldejs said...

Aashini is styling in those shoes. Archie loves them, too, but mainly because in his mind shoes=trip to the park.

Life in Green-Land said...

Hmmmm....even in South Asia, kids are not exempt from the influence of McDonalds! Gracie would shout "DONALD's!" Everytime she saw the golden arches... even before she's actually been allowed to eat the food!
Can't wait to hear the story behind that space-y dress!