Saturday, July 18, 2009

Vacation - Swimming!

Aashini was pretty terrified of the water at first. When she was younger, she LOVED the water, but sometime between last summer and this summer, she became scared of the water - at least big pools. She still likes her kiddie-pool, but something about the "big pool" scared her....This pool was really cool. One end of it had a kiddie pool that was REALLY shallow - so shallow that she could stand up in it. We started her off with her "swimmies" but we ended up getting her a ring which she liked a lot better.
The first few days she liked to play "around" the pool more than in it. She found a racquet and a ball and had a blast!
She played with it like it was a field hockey stick :) haha!
The Slide!!! We took her on the slide on the 2nd day. She liked it, but was pretty scared.
Our 2nd to last day she decided that she LOVED the slide! She would say: "Slide! Slide!" and want to go down it all day! She loved it! I think Adam took her down the slide at least 100 times :) And despite her face in these pictures, she actually loved it!
Here's a slide video :)

Here's Aashini walking back to our bungalow after a morning of swimming :)
It was a great vacation!!


Erin G said...

I am still coveting that waterproof cover for your camera, btw. the slide looks SO FUN (kind of want to do it myself, I'm not gonna lie) and those pictures are hilarious!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

Yeah! The slide ROCKS! Last summer I went down it a million times! This summer was a no-go for the slide (you know, being pregnant and all) so I was jealous of all their slide time :) haha!

gloria said...

I must of watched that video 100 xs too!!!!!I'm so glad you had a great vacation!!!!lovegg

Roberts said...

haha The look on her face is so funny!! Looks like so much fun.

The Shanks said...

Ooooh, I loove the pics! I missed AGM...I wish Hannah would've been there to play with Aashini...she would've had soo much fun! I love the vacation pics too...darn it, why wasn't Hua Hin like that for was so cold and windy when we went...we will have to try it again! Miss you!